Project status

Please note that appscript is no longer developed or supported, and its use is not recommended for new projects.

Apple declared the Carbon Apple Event Manager a legacy API in Mac OS X 10.6, advising it not be used for new development. However, the low-level Cocoa API (NSAppleEventDescriptor) lacks essential functionality such as the ability to send Apple events (see Radar tickets 19169736, 19169791, and 18944184) while the high-level Cocoa API (Scripting Bridge) is too flawed and limited to be a viable foundation for an appscript-style wrapper.

As appscript cannot be ported to the Apple-sanctioned Cocoa APIs, all cautions and caveats that apply to legacy OS X APIs effectively apply to appscript as well. The longer-term viability of appscript libraries cannot be guaranteed and it is recommended that users adopt Apple-supported solutions where practical:

Alternative IPC mechanisms such as Unix sockets and XPC Services can also be used where appropriate.